Good news for those live Downtown but work elsewhere: Lunchbox Eats to open on Saturdays

I went to the food truck festival in Court Square, but the lines were so long that I didn’t feel like dealing with them. (This is a good sign that the food trucks will be successful.) So I decided to take a walk to one of my favorite eateries that I never get to enjoy, Lunchbox Eats.

Lunchbox Eats is on Fourth just south of Linden, a little out of the way but worth the walk. I had the Third Period Smoking Birds sandwich, consisting of turkey, chicken, and duck on buttered bread (it’s a turducken in a sandwich). I got a huge bowl of mac & cheese as a side.

Definitely one of Downtown’s best lunch spots, but I rarely get to eat there. The drive from Horn Lake, where I work, and back simply takes too lunch for an hour lunch. However, while eating I got some good news. Lunchbox Eats will start opening on Saturdays from 11 AM to 7 PM. Now Downtowners who can’t make it down here for lunch will have a chance to enjoy this amazing restaurant. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really need to!