Fri update: Davis-Kidd, new restaurant/club in Quetzal space, Redbirds fun for kids, Sunday No-Fun Day for grownups, poker editorial and more

Today’s first item isn’t Downtown news, but it’s sad news… the Daily News reports that Davis-Kidd bookstore is likely to close after its parent Joseph-Beth goes through bankruptcy. I hate to see Memphis lose another bookstore. Then again, probably the last 20 books I bought were from Amazon (and most of those Kindle books), so I guess I helped contribute to the decline.

The CA reports that a new restaurant called Sky Grille will open in the old Quetzal space on Union near Marshall. It will be a family restaurant serving Huey’s-style food from 11 AM to 10 PM, then it will turn into a club with DJs, VIP rooms and even a bikini contest on Thursday. They say they will have free valet parking and a shuttle to various points Downtown. I always hope new businesses succeed Downtown, but the concept for this really sounds all over the place. They’re going to have to do many things well from the beginning, rather than focusing on doing one thing well (like Huey’s did with its burger) and then expanding from there. Nevertheless, I wish them luck.

Big weekend at the Redbirds. Saturday is fireworks night (game starts 6:05). On Sunday, there will be an Easter egg hunt at 1:00 before the game begins at 1:35. Kids will be able to get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny, and can run the bases after the game.

What are the grown-ups going to do on Sunday? The Saucer doesn’t open until 5. Two days away and I’m at a loss for ideas.

Great editorial from former Senator Alfonse D’Amato: Make online poker legal? It already is. If poker is a game of chance, as the Justice Department seems to think, then the average Joe could enter a tournament and have the same chance of winning as Phil Ivey. If that’s the case, how come Ivey has won tens of millions of dollars and I’m sitting in a cubicle?

Congratulations to my friends on the Squeal Street BBQ team, who had a special guest yesterday for their cookout at Shelton Clothiers. Mayor Wharton stopped by for a bite. I stopped by for a bite later in the evening, and the BBQ sliders were delicious.

Plans for tonight: No idea. I guess I may stop by the toga party at Max’s Sports Bar, where they’re giving out prizes for most authentic, best accessories, most likely to be a Roman God, etc. If there’s a prize for not caring enough to find a toga to wear, I might win.

Outta here for now. Happy Good Friday!