Couple of random pics

Cleaning old pics out of the camera. Here are a couple of random ones:

Uncle Ray, who loves to have his picture taken, and Robo at Shelton Clothiers Thursday night. Shelton partnered with the Squeal Street BBQ team for a benefit for LeBonheur. Attn Robo: I’m going to try to direct a birthday party happening Downtown tonight toward your favorite Saturday night place. Birthday girl is someone whose photographs have frequently appeared on this blog (recently, the same photo over and over).

I’ve been playing poker with Brick a lot lately at the Silly Goose’s Monday Night Texas Hold’em game (free to play, 10 PM). Based on her strategy, I suspect that Brick has been reading poker books. Particularly, the poker book that states, “K-3 is a powerhouse hand that is easily strong enough to call an all-in move pre-flop.” I busted Brick out of the tournament Monday night.

Someone post pics to Facebook of last night’s toga party at Max’s! Didn’t make it down there, because I was dealing with a bout of severe laziness. Highlight of my evening was the Cajun chicken eggrolls I had at Majestic Grille.

I will be at Max’s this afternoon for their courtyard party. I don’t know if I will stick around to watch the Grizzlies game – would prefer to head back to the core before evening – but I want to be there around 2 PM to catch Dynaflow play. Three bands, beer specials, crawfish, two HDTVs outside. It’s definitely the Downtown event of the day, so come down!