Beer tip

Yesterday afternoon, while hanging out at Bardog Tavern, I received a beer tip from one of my blog’s regular readers. BP Riverside, located at the corner of Riverside and Carolina, has 5-liter refrigerator kegs of Newcastle and Spaten Lager for $20. You don’t need any special equipment to operate the kegs. By my calculations, you’ll get about ten and a half pints from one keg, which works out to $2 a glass of premium beer. Not a bad deal at all.

It’s lunchtime and given the weather, I have no inclination to go out. Staying in and working on a couple of things. For one, I’m answering a set of questions Kerry from the I Love Memphis Blog sent me. I’m scheduled to be one of her 365 Memphians in an upcoming post. She’s meeting me at the Saucer tonight to take my photo. As much as I hate not having Grizzlies gear on tonight, I feel the need to wear my Ques Brothers shirt and represent the BBQ team.

I’m also working on a long post about Music Fest people-watching. The good news is, none of the people-watching I will describe requires you to spend any money. If I get that done before my hour is up, I’ll publish it; if not, it’ll be up tonight.