Pork belly sandwich @ Flying Saucer

I didn’t eat lunch today, so a nice dinner was in order. “What do you think?” I posted on Facebook. I asked if I should try one of the two new Flying Saucer menu items I hadn’t tried yet, the hummus and pita bread or the pork belly sandwich, or go somewhere else.

I got several replies. One of the replies said he eats the pork belly sandwich all the time. Granted, it was from a very biased source – the GM, Kirk. But I’d heard from several people at the bar, as well as the bar’s staff, that it was good. I decided to give the pork belly a try.

It was very good, but I discovered a secret that I don’t think even Kirk knows. Rather than getting it with fries, I asked for a side salad (there’s a third option, hot German potato salad, as well). I got it with the jalapeno vinaigrette dressing. I dipped the sandwich in the dressing. It was pretty awesome. It consists of shredded pork belly, ham and bacon with lettuce and tomato on a sandwich bun. Pig x 3, how can you go wrong?

Time for bed. I have 18 hours to change my mind, but I’m leaning toward poker at Max’s tomorrow evening.