New restaurant news: Krispy Krunchy Chicken, Zac’s Cafe

Yesterday I had to be up bright and early, because the Razorbacks played at 11 AM. I showered, threw my clothes on, and headed out the door. As I walked down Main Street Mall, I noticed that Krispy Krunchy Chicken had its sign up:

There’s a sign in the window saying it will be open Monday, October 10. Krispy Krunchy Chicken is at 51 S. Main, between Monroe and Union next to Family Dollar. Krispy Krunchy is a chain with more than 600 locations. You can learn more about them and view their menu on their website.

I had decided to watch the first half of the game at the Saucer, and the second half at Max’s Sports Bar. I grabbed my usual spot at the Saucer and watched the first quarter, which was not good for the Hogs. Texas A&M went up 14-0 and for a while I wondered if Larry Porter was coaching the Hogs.

While I was there, a man came in and handed the Saucer girls several menus. I recognized him as the guy who runs Second Street Shopper down the street. Curious, I went over and looked at one of the menus. It’s for a new restaurant called Zac’s Cafe. I snapped a pic of the menu (click to see it in a larger size):

Zac’s Cafe is located at 175 Peabody Place, in the space inside the Hampton Inn that used to be occupied by Crepe Maker. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have 24 flavors of soft-serve ice cream. They also have beer on tap and in bottles, including New Belgium, Ghost River, and Samuel Adams. Their hours are 6 AM-2 PM, 5 PM-11 PM Sunday-Thursday; 6 AM-2 PM, 5PM-til late Friday-Saturday.

The game continued, and the Hogs started to wake up but were behind 35-17 at the half. By halftime there were probably 40 people in the place, and more than half of them had on Arkansas attire! Not sure when the Saucer became a Razorback bar but I like it. I canceled my venue change to Max’s for the second half because I was clearly in good company.

The Hogs rallied back in the fourth quarter, making a two-point conversion to tie the game at 35. Our defense finally showed up, and we held the Aggies to a field goal on the next drive down the field. The Hogs then scored a touchdown for a huge come-from-behind win, 42-38. The crowd at the Saucer had grown even more, and called the Hogs no less than three times. What an exciting game!

Afterward I hung out on the patio of the Silly Goose with friends for a couple of hours, then went to the Majestic where I had one of my favorites, the chicken tortellini for dinner.

After that I went home to take a quick nap, planning to get back out to watch the Bama-Florida game, then stop by the Monkey for their first karaoke-free weekend. Didn’t happen. I woke up at 1:40 AM and, although the bars were still open, decided to call it a night. I’ve been needing to recharge my batteries for a while now, and the 12+ hours of sleep felt mighty good.

Congratulations to the Memphis Tigers on finding a way to squander a 17-0 lead and lose 38-31 to one of the worst teams in the Sun Belt conference, Middle Tennessee State. I saw some people say on Twitter that this is a moral victory for the Tigers, because we managed to cover the -24 spread. Statements like that just illustrate how pathetic the Memphis football team has become. The good news is, they may finally get rid of Larry Porter after this loss, but if they want to address the real problem, they need to

FIRE R.C.!!!