Sat update: Free business cards, Shufflegrit, Hog Hat, Stumbling Santa and more

Saturday morning. Time to get chores done, and the list is long this morning. Laundry. Back up the hard drive with Time Machine. Upgrade the MacBook from Snow Leopard to Lion. Print new business cards, because I’ve been out for a few weeks.

Speaking of business cards… I do my own cards, with a logo designed by local artist Shane Paris. If you don’t want to bother printing your own cards, though, one of the best deals on the web is VistaPrint. They’ll give you 250 business cards for free, and they’re not just basic business cards – you can choose from dozens of very professional templates.

Insider tip if you’re in the mood for some real Memphis music tonight: Shufflegrit plays the Center for Southern Folklore tonight at 8. They’re described as “folkabilly,” blending folk and rockabilly influences.

Not attending BarCamp today but am keeping an eye on the #bcmem hashtag for social media, development, and business tips.

The Arkansas Razorbacks host Tennessee at 5 PM today. I’ll be watching the game at the Saucer (it’s on ESPN2) and the Hog Hat will be on! Come join if you’re looking for a place to watch. It’s time to CALL THOSE HOGS!!!

I ended up only making the first two stops of the Snuggie Pub Crawl last night… ended up going back to the Saucer to meet friends and watch the Michigan State-North Carolina game-on-a-ship. There were easily more than 100 Snuggies and a lot of money got raised for LeBonheur, which is great. Here’s a look at the specials pub crawlers enjoyed:

The next Downtown pub crawl is the granddaddy of them all, the combination toy drive and pub crawl known as Stumbling Santa. The organizers are still working out the bars, but they’ve set the date for Saturday, December 3. Visit their event listing on Facebook and click “I’m attending” to keep up with the news about the crawl. You have three weeks to find a Santa suit and a toy!

All right, Time Machine has finished the backup, so it’s time to hit Publish and start the upgrade from Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Lion. I am MacBook, hear me roar!