Thur update: Win beer fest tickets, Ignite Memphis tonight, Live from Memphis Music Video Showcase, job fair, Soul Train party and more

All aboard the Soul Train at the Silly Goose tonight at 9.

In case you missed last night’s post, I’m doing a ticket giveaway to the River City Brewers Fest tonight. I’m going to hide in a location somewhere Downtown, and at 7 I’ll tweet and post to Facebook where I am. First people to find me get their choice of a pair of tickets to the afternoon or evening session. I have five pairs for each. A few minutes before 7 I’ll tweet/Facebook post a hint or two; if they help you find me before 7, the early bird gets the worm!

I hate it that I have to do the giveaway on the night of Ignite Memphis 4, especially since my friend Darrin is speaking on theme parks. However, there’s really no good day in the next 10 days or so for me to get this done, after tonight.

The Live from Memphis Music Video Showcase starts today and continues through Sunday. A weekend pass for $25 gets you in all the events, and there are a lot of them. Art exhibits. A dance party. Showcases by Visible Music College, Neosoulville, and Goner Records. An award show. Panel discussions. Premier of the 48 Hour Music Video Launch videos. Much, much more.

Important info to remember: If Best Memphis Burger blogger Seth comes in your restaurant and orders wings, he’d like them without feathers, please.

Need a job? Mahaffey Tent is holding a job fair March 10.

Plans for tonight: I’ll be “somewhere” at 7; Saucer around 8; then at 9 I’m headed over to the Silly Goose for their “Soul Train” party. Looking forward to hearing what DJ Cody has in store for us tonight.