River City Brewers Festival 2012

For once the weather cooperated with River City Brewers Festival. It was a beautiful day – downright hot, actually. At one point I checked WeatherBug on my iPhone and got a temperature of 88 Downtown. They changed the glasses to 4-ounce sampling glasses, but I didn’t mind because the lines were never long and I got to sample more beers that way. I never stood in a line more than two deep.

One area where they really stepped it up this year was food. They had free samplings from many of River City Management’s restaurants, whose booths were interspersed among the beer booths around Handy Park.

One of my favorite food booths was Fillin’ Station Grille, a restaurant in Southaven where I eat lunch now and then during the work week. They were serving their cowboy fries, waffle fries topped with BBQ, nacho cheese, ranch, and jalapenos.

Cowboy fries

The Nuh-Uh Girl eating cowboy fries

If you’re a meat and potatoes kind of person, Mesquite Chop House had you covered.

Bad Shane, Gloria, Mike, and Fireball Joe

Pro tip for those attending Memphis area beer festivals: Find out if local brewers’ club Bluff City Brewers has a booth, and if so, go there first. Most of the time they have the best beer, and they bring limited quantities so you’ll want to try it before they run out.

The Nuh-Uh Girl, Chris, and Brian

The Nuh-Uh Girl sampling Mesquite Chop House’s food


Katie Mac, Jeni, and Justin

Gumbo from Rum Boogie Cafe

Between sessions at the Flying Saucer. Amy kicks ass.

See, I told you.

Moody and Jeni

Back for session 2. Bob (owner of the plate shown above) and Amy.

I didn’t find a favorite new beer at the festival, but I definitely found a favorite booth. Saranac brought about 10 different beers. I could have hung out here all day. I tried and like the chocolate lager, the vanilla stout, and the pumpkin ale.

Wings from King’s Palace

This was the biggest mistake I made at the festival: Sampling a fruit punch flavored drink from Colt 45.

Is there anything the Nuh-Uh Girl won’t eat?

Full album (about 75 pictures) here. What a great day. Thanks to River City for great beer and great food. Can’t wait for next year.