Mike’s f’n run because f’n Cal won

Last fall, as the NCAA basketball season started, our friend Mike didn’t believe Kentucky could win a national title. “If Kentucky wins,” Mike said, “I’ll run down the Main Street Mall, wearing a tiger head and a Speedo, sipping Thousand Island dressing out of a cup.”

Guess what? Kentucky won. Most Memphians aren’t happy about that, but it’s time to pay the piper.

Mike will start his run at the Flying Saucer today, Sunday April 22, at 3 PM. He will stop at the Green Beetle for a beer then end at Max’s Sports Bar. After realizing he had to live up to his bet, he did a very smart and generous thing and made it a fundraiser for Wounded Warriors, all branches of the military. So come see Mike run and pitch some $$$ in the bucket.