Quick post

If you’re wondering why there are thousands of people in town wearing badges, it’s an archaeologists’ convention that is said to have drawn 4000 people. Here’s a link to more info. I went to the Saucer last night and the crowd was huge. Lines three deep at the bar most of the time I was there (6-10 PM) and sometimes as many as seven deep. They seemed like nice people but DAMN there were a lot of them. They’re in town through tomorrow.

I have a new post on my poker blog for those of you who like to keep up with it. It covers some mistakes I made as a new player, and an awesome poker math app I found for the iPad. There are also iPhone and Android versions.

There’s a Corvette show on Beale today.

Plans for today: Hot Wing Fest at Jefferson Davis Park, Riverside at Jefferson, $10 cover. It starts at 11 but I’ll probably pre-game at the Saucer for a beer or two (Christina gets mad if I don’t come in). Especially excited about meeting Seth from the Best Memphis Burger blog today. I’ve never met him in person, and he’s invited me to stop by his team’s booth for wings and a PBR. I’d prefer not to make a return visit to the Saucer tonight after the wing fest, since the huge archaeology crowd will likely be back, but it’s Lil’ Kim’s last day so I pretty much have to go. Look for me at wing fest – unless it warms up considerably I’ll have the PBR hoodie and shorts on.