Wed update: Bardog lobster sandwich, LuvMud Groupon, Justin Bieber to play FedExForum

Many people have wanted to try Bardog’s lobster sandwich which is on its brunch menu, but can never make it Downtown for Saturday or Sunday brunch. Today’s your chance. The lobster sandwich is on the specials board at Bardog today. The sandwich comes on buttered Texas toast with bacon, avocado, tomato, red pepper, and spicy mayo. (Edit: Sold out)

If you’re thinking about running the LuvMudIsland mud race/obstacle course next month on Saturday, June 22, today would be a good day to buy your entry. There is a LuvMudIsland Groupon today. Two options: $55 for a two-person team, or $99 for a four-person team. Both are 50% off.

Not a show I would personally go to, but I guess it’s Downtown news: Justin Bieber will play the FedExForum November 1. The Biebs will make for some interesting people-watching in Downtown Memphis the day after Halloween.

My stomach has finally recovered from BBQ Fest, so it’s time to go abuse it some more at Taco Bell. I’ll be out somewhere tonight, not sure where yet.