Thur update 2: Maya Angelou in Memphis, Brass Door on Foursquare, Aldo’s beers, homeless get legal help, Pier to become a parking garage?, and Memphis vs. Ole Miss

Maya Angelou will make an appearance in Downtown Memphis, at the Cannon Center, on Saturday, August 25. Dr. Angelou will appear for the Heartlight 2012 event, a fundraiser for Agape Child & Family Services. Agape is a Christian-based organization which provides children and families with healthy homes in the regional area through community restoration, homeless services, mentoring, foster care, adoption, maternity services and counseling. The organization serves more than 10,000 children a year. Buy tickets to Heartlight 2012 here.

In my lunchtime post I explained how local businesses can now use Foursquare to push “sandwich board”/”chalkboard” style specials, news, and updates to their most loyal customers. Congratulations to The Brass Door, which has already started using this new feature.

Downtown Memphis Flats tweeted a photo of the beer taps at Aldo’s Pizza Pies. Mmmm beer. Looks good! The pizza parlor should be open by the end of the month.

The Flyer has a great article on the legal services offered at Project Homeless Connect last week. Many area homeless had fines and court costs on the books that were 10-15 years old or older. The city was unlikely to ever collect this money, but the outstanding charges served as impediments for these people to get to a better place in life. Kudos to Josh Spickler from the Public Defender’s Office, Judge Karen Massey, and all the volunteers who worked to help these people clear their names in court.

ABC 24 News reports that The Pier may be turned into a parking garage and condos. However, Paul Morris who runs DMC is investigating to make sure the conversion is legal. The former seafood restaurant on Wagner Place is a 100-year-old historic building.

The University of Memphis renews its football series vs. Ole Miss starting in 2014. Ugh. I sure am not happy about douchey Rebel fans crapping up the Saucer and numerous other area bars prior to games at the Liberty Bowl. I guess the SEC West’s perennial basement dwellers will stimulate the local economy when they travel to Memphis though.

Off to a late start tonight because I just got my hair cut at Rachel’s Salon. Now, off to the Saucer for beer!