Opening night at Aldo’s Pizza Pies

Last night I walked over to Aldo’s Pizza Pies and joined some friends on the patio. It was opening night and the mist fans were keeping things cool outdoors. As you can see, a LOT of people showed up to try Downtown’s new pizzeria!

The server came by to take our order, and of course my request was a 16 ounce can of PBR. I didn’t order any pizza, but my friends Danielle and Mallory were nice enough to give me a slice of theirs.

I didn’t get a chance to ask the name of the pizza, but looking at the menu, this appears to be the Gina Bellina. Tomato sauce, goat cheese, mozzarella, spinach, sundried tomato, and black olive. Absolutely delicious. Too often I tend to stick with what I know (supreme, meat lovers) at pizzerias, so it was good to try something different.

Manager Findlay told me that while their long-term plan is to open for lunch and dinner every day, for the first couple of weeks they’re just going to be open for dinner, starting at 5 PM. I don’t blame them for needing a little while to work things out. It seemed like the entire town came there last night!

Very satisfied with my first visit to Aldo’s, and as a bonus, I got to meet Aldo’s mom, who reads this blog all the time. “Sometimes it’s easier to find out what my son is doing by reading your blog, than it is calling him,” she told me. I’ll be back soon, possibly as soon as tonight.