Tue update: Good news for Full Tilt Poker players, new 70″ TV at Goose, learn about beer via text message, most Memphis CK’s closed

If you had an account on Full Tilt Poker before the government blocked U.S. players from the site on April 15 of last year, there’s good news: You’re going to get your money back. PokerStars, also blocked on April 15, 2011, paid back its U.S. players in a fairly timely fashion, but Full Tilt appeared to be illiquid and unable to pay. PokerStars recently acquired Full Tilt’s assets, and will pay the U.S. government $547 million over a period of three years. Part of this money will be used for repayment of $150 million to U.S. residents who played on the Full Tilt site. More details here.

The Silly Goose has purchased a new 70″ TV, and it will be on the wall in time for football season. The new TV will be hung where the projection TV was in the past.

Beer lovers: LifeHacker reported on a new text messaging service this morning that will help you learn more about the beer you’re drinking. It’s called BeerText.us. You text the name of your beer to 315-679-4711 and the service will text back a description, ingredients, and alcohol content. I put that number in my phone’s Contacts as soon as I saw it! Can’t wait to try it tonight as I work on beers 47, 48, and 49 for my 7th plate at the Flying Saucer.

This isn’t Downtown news, but I want to mention it anyway because I know many of my friends like to stop at CK’s Coffee Shop for late-night food on the weekends. The Memphis Business Journal reports that 10 Memphis-area CK’s have been closed very suddenly. However, if you go to the Poplar/Evergreen CK’s, you’re in luck: That one had a different owner and remains open.

That’s all for now… I discovered that my sandals have a hole in them, so it’s time to hit Payless for a new pair. I’ll be out tonight around 6 as usual.