Thoughts on Texas vs. Ole Miss

So, yesterday after work I was getting ready to go out. I checked Facebook and Twitter, and saw several reports that the Flying Saucer was full of UT orange. Not prison orange worn by the Tennessee Vols, but burnt orange worn by the Texas Longhorns.

Uh-oh, I thought. Being an Arkansas fan who grew up in Little Rock watching Southwest Conference football, hating Texas has been bred into me. But this week I find myself in a conundrum: Texas is traveling to Oxford to play Ole Miss, and I can’t stand Ole Miss either.

I walked down to the Saucer, and the place was indeed full of Texas fans. But you know what? They weren’t loud, they weren’t obnoxious, they weren’t rowdy, they weren’t acting like a bunch of douches and skanks. The Saucer girls weren’t coming over to complain to me how annoying they are, and what bad tippers they are. The Texas fans, from everything I observed, were friendly, polite, and respectful. This is the exact opposite of the way Ole Miss fans behave when they come to town.

It was a real eye-opener about the University of Texas.

Plus, there’s the fact that U. Texas is located in one of the best cities in America: Austin. Ole Miss is in Oxford. Need I say more?

So, the decision whom to root for tonight isn’t hard. Hook ’em Horns! Hope you beat the piss out of Ole Piss.