Mon update: Downtown Easy Way closing, Brass Door fish & chips deal and beer bust, Tap Room/NFL Sunday Ticket, Kindle Fire/iPad comparison, Texas de Brazil brunch, Saucer dart scoreboards, Squeal Street wins awards, and a tube top pic

One of my longest post titles ever. Newsy Monday.

I hate starting posts with bad news, but this time I have to: Easy Way is closing its Downtown store. The grocery at Main and Jefferson has been a popular place to get produce and canned goods for years. However, Easy Way has decided that much of their core base has moved away from Downtown. This leaves City Market as pretty much our only place to get fresh produce without having to get in a car and drive.

The Brass Door has a couple of new things going on this week. Every Tuesday, starting tomorrow, they will have a 2 for 1 special on their fish and chips after 5 PM. Those chips are probably the best fries in town.

This Friday night, the Brass Door will have a beer bust with Heineken and Yuengling for $10 beginning at 5 PM. When I first read that, I thought, “5 is kind of an odd time to start a beer bust,” but then I remembered we have law students down here, so that should work.

Beale Street Tap Room has started carrying the NFL Sunday ticket. If the game you want to watch is not available on the networks, the Tap Room can get it on one of their HDTVs. Just tell the bartender what you want to watch, and they’ll turn it on for you.

Now and then people ask me “Should I get a Kindle Fire or an iPad?”, knowing I own both. This comparison by The Daily is a really good answer. For certain people, the Fire is better; for others, the iPad is the way to go. It depends on what you want to do with your tablet.

Yesterday, about 8 of us met for Sunday brunch at Texas de Brazil. As always, we stuffed ourselves, first at the salad bar and then on the meats. Of course, I got a bowl of lobster bisque and dipped my bacon in it. I’ve decided that of the meats, the garlic sirloin is my favorite. I like it even better than the house sirloin, also known as picanha.

So, we filled up and were ready to waddle out of there. The waiter asked if we were interested in dessert, and pretty much nobody was. “Well, if you eat lunch or dinner with us, the dessert is extra,” the waiter said. “But it’s included in the price of brunch.” WELL THEN! We found room. I had the creme brulee, which was delicious.

Afterward I walked over to the Flying Saucer, where I noticed they had new scoreboards for darts.

These are very nice. They handle most of the popular games, and they eliminate the need for chalk. I’m horrible at darts, but now I kind of want to play a game so I can try out these boards.

After the Saucer, I visited the Silly Goose, where it was the BEST DAY EVER for reasons I won’t get into on the blog. A couple of people from the Squeal Street BBQ team showed up there. They had just returned from the Smokin’ Aces competition in Tunica, where they won first place in People’s Choice for the second year in a row. They also won awards for tomato and mustard sauces. Congratulations to them!

At 6:30 I played poker at the Blind Bear. When people started getting eliminated, we reduced the number of tables from three to two. My table was the one that broke up, and Jamie told me I could sit at whichever active table I wanted. I decided to sit at the one Bee was sitting at, because she had a tube top on.

I made it to the final table and ended up placing fifth. I’ll play again tonight at the Silly Goose, where Muruako hosts an 8:30 game. Before that I’ll hit Pint Nite at the Saucer.