Sun update: Memphis-Arkansas bridge tour and free concert in Court Square today

Quick post about a couple of things happening this afternoon…

At 2 PM, historian Jimmy Ogle will lead a free tour of the Memphis-Arkansas (I-55) bridge. As you walk halfway across the bridge, you’ll learn about the river, the other bridges, the railroads, Crump Park, and more. Bringing a camera is recommended. If you want to take the tour, meet at Crump Park on Metal Museum Drive.

At 4, Jeremy Shrader’s Quinessentials play a free concert in Court Square. Blankets, coolers, and lawn chairs are welcome. Pets too, if you clean up after them. This is the first in a 4-week Court Square concert series presented by the DMC.

Fun night last night. I met up with the Fireball people and discovered/re-discovered a couple of cool places Downtown.

Our first stop was Peoples, the pool hall on the less-traveled block of Beale between Third and Fourth. It’s funny, when we think of places to play pool Downtown, we often think of the lone bar table at the Flying Saucer or the Blind Bear. Peoples has about a dozen full-sized tables that you pay for by the hour. Very nice tables, good equipment. The bartender just couldn’t have been nicer, and they have PBR on draft. It’s the first time I’ve been there since 2003, and I don’t know why it’s taken me 9 years to get back. Definitely enjoyed Peoples last night.

Also, Peoples is the only place Downtown where you can get tampons out of a vending machine.

The next stop was Dancin’ Jimmy’s, a bar I have never been to. It’s in the old Pat O’Brien’s location. The corner bar and the courtyard/fountain area are Dancin’ Jimmy’s itself, and then upstairs are several rooms where private events can be held. We got to go upstairs (it helps to have a liquor rep with the group) and the rooms are absolutely beautiful. I took about a dozen pics and will post them when I get more time.

About to head out to brunch at the Majestic. Normally I skip the Majestic on weeks when there’s an Orpheum show, but I won’t get to go next week because I’ll be at the burger festival in Midtown. After brunch I’ll probably bounce back and forth between the Flying Saucer and Blind Bear, with a trip south to Max’s Sports Bar a possibility as well.