Mon update: Spicy gyro, let Miss Su make your holiday side dishes, Metal Museum open house, Majestic installing new draft beer system and more

If you’re Downtown for lunch and love spicy foods, check out Elliott’s restaurant on Second Street this week. For one week only they will have the Red Sea G on the menu. It’s a gyro with hummus and hot habanero curry sauce dressed with lettuce, tomato and onion. “Not for the weak,” owner Harry posted.

Around the corner at the Little Tea Shop, Miss Su is offering to make your holiday side dishes if you give her 48 hours’ notice. She’ll even make the dishes in your own cookware.

This coming Sunday, December 9, the Metal Museum will have an open house from noon to 5 with free admission. It will be a reception for Exhibition in Print: Gothic Jewelry and Tributaries: Lola Brooks. There will be a holiday treat contest and Godiva chocolate sales. Visitors can participate in the museum’s hands-on activities (regularly priced). Artist Lola Brooks will speak in the gallery at 4 PM.

The Majestic Grille is putting in a new draft beer system this week. In the meantime, draft beers will be off the menu. You can still choose from their bottled beer selection. May I recommend the PBR?

My friends Air Traffic Mike and Splitty the Maul have announced a food blogger named Pepe will be guest posting on Air Traffic Mike’s blog this week. Pepe’s specialty is said to be reviewing food from gas station delis.

Tulsa will play Iowa State in the Liberty BowllllllZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz……..

Following the Lakers’ loss last night, Kobe Byrant said that fellow Laker (and former Grizzly) Paul Gasol needs to “put his big-boy pants on.” Is there any doubt who the better Gasol is this year in the NBA?

Plans for tonight: Poker at the Silly Goose. The game starts at 8:30, but since you can show up late through the first four blind levels, I plan to show up around 9:30. That will let me get an extra hour in at Pint Nite next door, and I’ll also avoid some of the foolishness that players indulge in early on in the game.