Sun update: Waterfowl Symposium, Buffleheads, Pinnacle office space, Grizzlies, Blind Bear special and more

Action News 5 reports that the Ecology and Conservation of North American Waterfowl Symposium will take place today through Thursday, January 31 at the Peabody. Held at the home of the famous Peabody ducks, the conference will focus on understanding and sustaining the habitats of ducks, geese, and swans. Those of you in town for the symposium, welcome to Memphis!

Up until a couple of days ago, I would have had a question for symposium goers. Where I work in Horn Lake, we have a large pond. This time of year, anywhere from two to six mallard ducks show up to swim in our pond during the day. However, lately another bird has been showing up too. It’s about half the size of the mallards. I wondered if it was a duckling, but it didn’t have the yellow feathers that are typical of a baby. Also, this “baby” swims faster than any of the mallards – it reminds me of a motorboat as it speedily travels from one side of the pond to the other. I noticed that it has markings similar to those of a Canada goose, but it was way too small to be a goose.

Wikipedia to the rescue. The tiny, speedy swimmer is a female Bufflehead, one of the smallest of the duck species.


I hope it sticks around our pond for a while. I sure do like that Bufflehead!

The Memphis Business Journal reports that backfilling the Pinnacle Airlines office space in One Commerce Square will be a tall order. That’s true, but the building has some advantages that it didn’t have a few years ago. For one thing, the Pinnacle Airlines space on floors 2-14 was renovated into Class A office space before the airline moved in. Whoever takes over those floors is going to get some very nice space. Also, because the building was bought at a very reasonable price, the owners are able to keep the rents reasonable. They’re looking to rent a floor or two at a time, rather than find a big tenant who wants all 13 floors.

The Grizzlies have a home game at the FedExForum today. They play the New Orleans Hornets at 5 PM. Come see All-Star Zach Randolph and the rest of the team!

I wonder if the waterfowl symposium people will go out for a drink at the Silly Goose after they finish their day’s proceedings? Seems like the logical choice.

Yesterday a friend and I were hanging out at Bardog, and we relocated to the Blind Bear right as it opened at 3 PM. “Do you want appetizers? Better order them now!” bartender Amanda exclaimed. I looked at the TV and saw that there was :06 left in the Tiger game. The Blind Bear has half-priced appetizers during all Grizzlies and Tiger games (special starts one hour before tip-off). I hurriedly ordered a sausage and cheese plate, barely beating the buzzer. I got a huge plate of smoked sausage, three kinds of cheese, pickle spears, honey mustard and fruit for $3.50. One of Downtown’s best deals!

Looks like the “Rule of 60” will apply this Sunday Fun Day: If at any point in the day, the temperature is expected to reach 60, I wear shorts. It’s a good rule. As usual, I’ll kick it off with mimosas at the Majestic at 11. Since Blind Bear has reverted to its 3 PM opening time, I’ll probably make the Flying Saucer my bar of choice from noon to 3.

A quick reminder that my lunchtime post schedule will be interrupted Monday-Thursday because I’ll be in training with a short lunch break. I’ll find alternate times to post. All right, that’ll wrap it up, happy Sunday Fun Day.