Wed update: State offices on Civic Center Plaza, parking meters/credit cards, movement to reform TN’s beer laws, Tigers, king cakes

Bad news for Downtown this morning: Gov. Bill Haslam wants to close the state office building on the Civic Center Plaza between Poplar and Adams. I understand the state’s desire to save money, but the last thing we need is a large vacant office building on the Downtown Memphis skyline. The good news is that the governor intends to keep the 900 employees working in the building Downtown. Hey Gov. Haslam, there’s about to be 13 floors of premium office space available in One Commerce Square at Main and Monroe. Why not relocate your employees there?

Plans are moving ahead for Downtown parking meters to accept credit cards. A lot of people don’t have change when they park, and simply don’t pay, choosing to take their chances that they’ll get their business done before being written a ticket. With an additional method to pay, the city hopes that fewer people will make that gamble.

A move is underway to fix Tennessee’s beer taxes. The tax reform would make it easier for craft breweries to operate within our state. Memphis will have three craft breweries by this summer. Let’s fix the tax and encourage a dozen more to open!

The Tigers play an away game at ECU tonight at 6. There’s no TV.

Looking for a King Cake for Mardi Gras? Miss Cordelia’s has them in a limited supply.

That’s all, apologies if any spelling/grammar errors, still on a very short lunch break. Will be out about 6 tonight, probably Silly Goose first stop.