Thur update: Rio Loco closed?, Gary Parrish Show/Blind Bear/trivia, Blues Hall of Fame, art opening @ Brass Door, Tony on TV

This morning, I was pulling out of my parking garage, and the sweet attendant at the booth was singing and dancing to gospel music. As I rolled down the car window to scan my monthly pass, she said “Happy Valentine’s Day” and handed me a sucker. That kind of nice little touch is one more reason why I enjoy living Downtown.

Tuesday night I got a text: “Is Rio Loco closed?” I hadn’t heard anything, and the text was from a suburbanite who rarely comes Downtown, so I didn’t think much of it. However, last night I walked past the Mexican restaurant. The “Closed” sign was up (at 6 PM on a Wednesday) and the windows were papered up to about eye level. I have yet to confirm the closing, though.

If you want to win some Blind Bear bucks, tune into the Gary Parrish Show on 92.9 FM Wednesdays between 4 and 6. They’ll have a trivia question for which you can text in your answer. They’ll pick one of the people who answered correctly to receive a $25 gift card from the Bear.

The Blues Foundation has announced its 2013 Hall of Fame inductees.

There will be an art opening for Jennifer Church tonight at the Brass Door.

DVR alert: Driven: Tony Allen: A Day in the Life premieres on SportSouth this Saturday at 5:30 PM. (Thanks to @ChrisVernonShow for tweeting the info)

Back at my desk after 12 days in a small media room doing computer training. Finally over! I’ll be out at the usual places tonight.