Fri update 2: Bardog karaoke, Tony Allen watch party, self-guided Downtown walking tour, stinky plumbing problem closes gallery, cool SAT/ACT web prep software

Bardog Tavern tweeted today that they will start doing karaoke in the Underdog Room on Sundays at 8 PM. Ugh. You know how I feel about karaoke but I guess it’s good to appeal to people of different interests. Maybe I’ll actually go to this Sunday night and cover it for the blog. I sure as hell won’t sing though. A couple of the worst karaoke performers have moved from South Main to the core recently, so I guess they’ll be delighted to have it close to home.

Double J will have a watch party for Driven: Tony Allen: A Day in the Life tomorrow, Saturday, February 16, at 5:30 PM in the Loft Bar.

The Downtown Memphis Commission has put together a self-guided walking tour of Downtown using a Google map. There are 67 stops in total, all fairly close together. Plenty of historical facts to learn about our neighborhood.

Artist Ephraim Urevbu has been unable to use his South Main gallery for six months now due to raw sewage seeping from the walls. A plumber has given his pipes the all-clear; therefore, it must be the city’s pipes, but the city has been giving him the run-around. Action News 5 has the details.

For those of you who have kids in high school, I heard about a neat program this morning. It’s called Professor Word. The way it works is, you install it and then let your kids surf websites as they normally do. Professor Word will recognize the SAT and ACT vocabulary words on web pages and highlight them. Your kids can then click the word and learn the definition. Certainly a lot more fun and relaxing than traditional book study.

The work week is over. Time for a beer. Since the pre-monster truck crowd will probably hit the Saucer hard, I’ll start at the Goose and then migrate over at some later point.