Mon update: Buttercup to be named Honorary Duck, TA gets married, Bass pro signs, Green Beetle party and more

You may have heard of a duck named Buttercup who has been in the news recently. Buttercup was born with a deformed foot and was unable to walk properly. A copy of his sister’s foot was created using 3-D printing technology, and from that he was able to be fitted with a prosthetic foot and can now walk normally. On Wednesday morning at 10:30, Buttercup will visit the Peabody Hotel. He will be granted the highest honor to which any duck can aspire, the title of “Honorary Duck,” by Peabody Duckmaster Anthony Petrina.

Grizzlies guard Tony Allen got married over the weekend. MemphiSport has some photos of the wedding.

The Design Review Board meets today at 4 to consider the signage Bass Pro has proposed for the Pyramid. The signage has been toned down considerably from the company’s original proposal.

The Green Beetle will have its 2nd Anniversary Bash this Saturday, July 20. Happy hour from 5 to 7, and The Po Boys play at 9.

Last night at Blind Bear poker, I took advantage of an interesting little twist Jamie throws into the game – the Seven-Deuce prop bet. For several blind levels, if you win a hand with 7-2 as your hole cards, you get 5000 extra chips. Why 7-2? Because it’s the worst possible starting hand in Texas Hold’em (at a full table, that is; heads-up, 3-2 is the worst hand). I was dealt 7-2 at the 50/100 blind level and figured I might as well see a flop with it. Flop came 9-7-2 and I went all-in. My hand held up through the turn and river, and in addition to the 5000 chip bonus, I got three callers and got all their chips too. I raked in over 25,000 in chips. It’s unusual to be sitting on top of 250 big blinds in a bar game!

That’ll do it for now. I’ll hit Pint Nite after work and get three more beers done toward my next plate at the Flying Saucer for $3 each.