Tue update: Candle sale, parking meters that take cards, Local, Yazoo beer, cars going the wrong way on Second, Silly Goose poker, and more

Sorry there was no post at lunchtime. I just didn’t have enough news to share to bother. I voted in the Memphis Flyer Best of Memphis contest instead. After the voting is over, I will share some of my votes. Right now, let’s get to the news.

Downtown Candle Co. is having a one-day-only sale tomorrow, Wednesday, July 17. You can get 3 candles for $25. In-store only, 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

The CA reports that electronic parking meters will arrive in Memphis in September. The meters will accept debit and credit cards.

The Downtown Local Gastropub is closed for lunch through Thursday while they plan some new things for the restaurant. The Overton Square location will still be open for lunch.

If you’re a fan of Yazoo beer, they’ll be doing growler fills this Thursday at the Cash Saver on Madison in Midtown. Choose from Rye Saison and Hefeweizen. $10 cost includes the growler.

Air Traffic Mike has a good blog post cars turning the wrong way up one-way Second Street. We see several of these every day. Part of the problem is that the “ONE WAY” sign is attached to the walk/don’t walk sign at the crosswalk, rather than on the pole next to the traffic signals where it probably should be.

I decided to play poker at the Silly Goose last night for the first time in a couple of months. That game had really frustrated me in the past – not because of the bar or because of the way Muruako runs the game, but because of some of the people who played there. I don’t mind new players who play badly because they don’t know better. What got irritating was experienced players who played recklessly for no other reason than to introduce chaos into the game. It got to the point where the skill level was about the same required to play bingo at the Brass Door.

I’m glad I gave it another try. The game was much better. The reckless players have either calmed down or stopped coming, and I had a lot of fun playing with my friends. I made it to heads-up and lost, and got ready to pay my tab and leave – and then I realized, wait, I’ve got a prize coming! The Goose is one of the few poker nights that pays two places. Second place pays $25, with $50 to the winner. The game is at 8:30 Monday nights. Come give it a try if you like playing cards. $2 PBR is an additional incentive!

On my way to the Saucer to get three more beers done for my 8th plate. After successive nights I’m rather pokered-out, but there isn’t much else to do so I may play the 8:00 Blind Bear game.