Mon update: Memphis to Moore auction, Havana’s Pilon Groupon, Stumblin’ Elvis, Beale video, Lit hiring, and ways to beat the summer heat

The Memphis to Moore online auction is now open. You can buy items from a vendor or make a donation to support the rebuilding of the Moore, Oklahoma public schools.

There’s a Groupon for Havana’s Pilon today. $6 for $12 worth of food, or $18 for three $12 Groupons. This is the new Cuban restaurant on Madison near second. I had the ropa vieja a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic, as were the rice and beans and plantains I got as side items.

I know a fair number of people only read my blog on weekdays, so I want to mention again an event I talked about in Saturday’s post. On Saturday, August 17, the Stumblin’ Elvis pub crawl will return. A group of us will dress like The King and stumble our way to some of the best bars on Main, Second, and Beale. You have four weeks to get your costume and join us! We’ll be raising non-perishable food donations for the Ronald McDonald House.

Good time lapse video of Beale Street that is making its way around social media today: Beale Street Revealed

If you need a Downtown job, check out page 42 of the current issue of the Memphis Flyer. Lit, a very well-established restaurant supply company on Union, is hiring.

On that same page, I see that a Downtown restaurant is for sale.

Want to beat the summer heat? Starting Wednesday, for seven days my friend Air Traffic Mike and his assistant Splitty the Maul will be selling shaved ice at the stand at Union and Main. You’ve read about ATM in this blog (and in his) for years, and now you can come meet the man in person.

Another way to beat the summer heat is to enjoy an ice cold, refreshing Buckler’s beer. At 0.5% alcohol by volume, Buckler’s will help you stay alert, whether your plans are to stare at a waitress for hours or to try really really extra extra hard to be a part of other people’s conversations. Buckler’s: A great way to spend your hard-earned dollars. Or your unemployment check, whichever.

Plans for tonight: Pint Nite at the Flying Saucer, to knock off beers 147-149 for my next plate at $3 a pint. I will probably play poker at the Silly Goose tonight, since the game there seems to have gotten a lot better. 8:30 start time for Goose poker.