Tue update: Festival news, Italian ice correction, new Memphis job board

Lots of festival news this Tuesday. The Best Memphis Burger Festival has announced a new judging category, one that is very appropriate considering the fest is held on Sunday Fun Day. If you think you make a good Bloody Mary, this year you’ll be able to compete for the title of Best Bloody Mary. Get an entry form here. The festival will be at Minglewood Hall on September 22.

The people who organize Bardog’s alley party are gathering complete information to send me, but I’ve already heard of one new event to be added this year: A poker tournament. All money raised at the alley party (except alcohol sales) goes to St. Jude. The party is August 18.

One of my BBQ team leaders confirmed last night that the Smokin’ Aces BBQ Festival will not be happening in Tunica this year. In past years it had happened the third weekend of September. I’m sad to hear of the cancellation, because my team the Moody Ques had hoped to compete this year. I guess we will have to look for another regional event.

One correction from yesterday: My friend Air Traffic Mike will be working at an Italian ice stand starting tomorrow at Main and Union, not a shaved ice stand as I previously reported. Italian ice is made by a different process, where fruit juice is blended into a liquid and finely frozen.

Looking for a job? There’s a new board called MemphisJobFever that you might want to check out. It lets job hunters make a direct connection with prospective employers.

That’ll wrap it up for today. I’ll be out at the usual bars tonight.