Wed update: Smokin’ Aces, RIP Corey Maclin, BBQ Fest on TV, Jehovah’s witnesses in town this weekend, and more

The Smokin’ Aces BBQ festival is happening after all. For a while there we had been told there would be no Smokin’ Aces in 2013, but yesterday’s announcement on the website and Facebook makes it clear that the Tunica BBQ festival will be back. My friends on Squeal Street BBQ have participated the past two years and love it. They say the folks at Harrah’s treat them like royalty. Glad to hear it will happen this year.

Condolences to all those who knew wrestling promoter Corey Maclin. He died in a car crash last night in Panola County, Mississippi. I have fond memories of many Saturday mornings watching Memphis wrestling with Dave Brown and Corey at the announcer’s table.

A show on the Travel Channel, Adam Richman’s Fandemonium, will feature Memphis in May’s BBQ Fest on Sunday at 8 PM. The show tracks “superfans” and why they go to the lengths they do to pursue their interests. More info here.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses will hold a convention this weekend at the Cook Convention Center. 10,000 JWs will be in town. There will be two more of these conventions in August. All sessions are free and open to the public.

Free racing tickets: Get free tickets to the upcoming American Drag Racing League 2013 Tour tomorrow in Court Square 11 AM-1 PM. Folks from Memphis International Raceway will be there handing them out.

Kerry’s recent post on the ultimate guide to cheap drinking in Memphis is a good one to bookmark in your smartphone’s web browser.

I won poker at the Blind Bear last night. The poker night has become so popular that four tables were in play. When we got down to three-handed it seemed like the battle would never end, and heads-up play seemed to go even longer. When I finally won I thought, “I wonder what time it is. It’s got to be past 11.” I looked at my phone, and I was right, it was past 11. It was 12:32! Usually when I win Bear poker, I walk over to the Flying Saucer for a victory beer, but it was so late that they’d already done last call. Needless to say I am a bit sleepy this morning. If you want to give Blind Bear poker a try, it’s free to play and there are games at 6:30 Sunday and 8:00 Tuesday.

Plans for tonight: The Start Co. Lounge networking event is at 5:30 at the Silly Goose, and since I usually stop at the Goose first on Wednesdays, I guess I’m going. If anyone has anything about their startup business or entrepreneurship in general that they want me to mention on the blog, come find me. I’ll be at the bar drinking a PBR. That’s it for now. Time to run to Circle K and buy a Mountain Dew so I can stay awake this afternoon.