Thur update: @midtownkrogers suspended, fundraiser for the children of Kenya, Pera vs. TA one-on-one, DeJaVu chef on Twitter, Etkin to open new gallery.

Sad news to report this morning. The @midtownkrogers Twitter account has been suspended. It was bound to happen, because corporate America has no sense of humor. I gave the account an appropriate obituary this morning on Twitter:

RIP @midtownkrogers ur tweets contained much #information and grate deals about prodcuts at krogers #krogertweets

An October 4 event called “Love, Memphis” at Kudzu’s will raise funds for the children of Kenya. HIV and AIDS have taken their toll, leaving children orphaned and families broken. The $5 admission and 10 percent of bar sales will go toward food, school supplies, medical supplies, and stipends for teachers traveling to Kenya. “The hope is to assist with long-term sustainability projects, such as access to clean water, agriculture and a means of selling the wares they create on-site. This fundraiser is the first step, and every penny will go toward lifesaving work.” Visit the Help the Least of These website for more information.

Grizzlies owner Robert Pera takes on Tony Allen in a game of one-on-one Saturday at the Grizzlies’ practice facility in the FedExForum. If Allen wins (which is likely), Pera will donate $100,000 to St.Jude. The game will be closed to the public, but will be streaming on and 92.9 FM ESPN. Zach Randolph will be the referee.

DeJaVu (it appears that’s the correct capitalization) chef Gary Williams is now on Twitter. Follow him at @dejavuchefgary. The restaurant’s new Main Street location just north of Union has been doing strong business since it opened on Tuesday.

Jay Etkin, whose gallery at Main and Huling was the anchor of South Main Trolley Night for years, is opening a new gallery in Cooper-Young.

That’ll do it for this Thursday. Time to grab some lasagna for lunch, then an afternoon of programming and an evening of drinking PBR.