Thanksgiving update

I promised you a post today, so here you go. It’s going to be a fairly short one though. If you need to buy anything today, I took a walk around the northern part of the Downtown core this morning. Walgreens is closed. Jack’s Food Store is open. The convenience store at Second and Madison is open, but don’t go there if you want Mountain Dew; they’re out. City Market is closed.

The once-a-year Majestic Grille 50% off gift card sale happens next Wednesday, December 4, from 8 AM until they run out. You can buy as many $50 gift cards as you like for $25. There are some restrictions, though: The cards can’t be used until after the New Year, and they can’t be used to purchase alcohol. It’s still worth it, though, because their food for half-off is a value indeed. You must purchase the cards in person, no phone orders, so if you can’t be there Wednesday morning, give your money to someone who can buy the cards for you. These cards will run out fast. I recommend getting there right at 8 if you can, and if not that early by no later than 10 AM.

The Mid-South Food Bank is moving out of Downtown. They acquired a warehouse in Oakhaven that will be their new headquarters. It will amount to a $10 million renovation. I hate to see any business move out of Downtown, but if it helps feed Memphis’ hungry people more easily, it’s a good move.

The Memphis Tigers face Siena at 5:30 today in the opening round of the Old Spice Classic. If the Tigers win, they’ll play the winner of LSU vs. St. Joseph’s tomorrow. On the other side of the bracket are Oklahoma State, Purdue, Butler, and Washington State.

MK who bartends the Double J Loft Bar and who operates Cake Madam posted a yummy photo of a stuffed turkey with apples, carrots, and cranberries on the side this morning… except it wasn’t a turkey at all. It was a cake! She’s clearly very talented, so if you need a custom cake give her a call.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. In case you’re wondering why I’m not traveling out of town, it’s because of work. We’re having one of our three major national tournaments starting today and running through next Sunday. This time it is in Phoenix. I have them all set up to post results and news remotely, but just in case there’s a problem I have to be able to get to a computer and proxy in to my work computer relatively quickly. I’ll still get my turkey though; heading over to a friend’s house on Mud Island in a little while. He always puts on a fantastic Thanksgiving spread. If my memory is correct this will be the third time in calendar 2013 that I’ve driven the car on a day off. That’s what I love about living Downtown! I usually ride my bike but it’s just too cold. Driving the car means I will have to hold off on the adult beverages until I get back Downtown, but I can do that. By the time the Flying Saucer opens at 5, I will be back down here and then it will be game on. Happy Thanksgiving and Go Tigers!