Moody Ques win Best Booth for the second year in a row




The Moody Ques have repeated as Best Booth winners. With our “red devil” bus design, we impressed the judges enough to score the win. Huge thanks to Clay (pictured above) who came up with the idea, Travis and Brent and the gang from Holliday Flowers, and Sarah and her team of artists who painted the bus. Awesome job guys! Now it’s time for the cook team to step up. This better not be the only trophy in our booth by Saturday night!


The creative team, minus Brent

And now for the rest of the Thursday photos:




Team treasurer Frank (right) with our Yankees. The Northern members of our team are awesome.


If anything happened last night that I need to apologize for (and I think it did) this is the reason why. Alcoholic gummy bears. Eating six of these at one time? Maybe not such a good idea.


Also, right after eating six alcoholic gummy bears is probably not the best time to do a Jello shot.

I just discovered that I threw up on my living room carpet last night. Hey, I made it to Thursday before that happened! That’s a four day improvement over BBQ Fest week last year.

I hope you’re enjoying this encore presentation of “How to Destroy Your Personal Brand in a Week.” If you missed the beginning, no worries, just check back in May 2015.

And now, back to the photos…


The “Red Devils” in Panama City have the owners’ favorite sports figures painted on the back. This was one of the judges’ favorite boxers and it really impressed him.




Ana won Best Dressed in our booth last night.


These beef tips were amazing.


Dinner. Since the Nuh-Uh Girl is not here I carried on her tradition of going back for two more servings of food.

(People are reading this and thinking, “Two? More like eight.”) Sorry, I can’t eat that much.


Rainbow after a storm moved through. If you  look closely you’ll see a second rainbow.


Our team co-founders


It was cold last night and there weren’t many tube tops to photograph. So you get this instead.


The Saucer girls heard about the awesome job I did during BBQ Fest load-in and came down to check it out.


Kao and Bloom. Yesterday Bloom got me started with a Bloody Mary at her bar at Bardog at 8:30. By 9:55 I’d had a PBR and a Fireball too. Yes that’s AM. Not PM. Or p.m. if you follow the AP Stylebook. BBQ Fest: The spring break for adults.


From the “nice photo but it would be even better if they had tube tops on” file…

Full photo album (about 180 photos minus a few bad ones of me that I deleted) are here on the Moody Ques site. Nice to see that WordPress can handle large photo galleries.

So, let me tell you about my morning. I woke up about 8:15 today and looked around and couldn’t find the pants I had on last night. That was kind of a problem because my wallet, iPhone, and keys were in them. After about 12 minutes I finally located them. They were one step inside the entrance hallway to my apartment. Once again, let me stress that six alcoholic gummy bears at one time really isn’t a good idea.

Sunny and 73 is the forecast. There is NO EXCUSE for not having a tube top on today. Championship meat goes on the smoker tonight. Let’s do this. It’s 10:07 now and I guess it’s time to take a shower. I will pre-game at the Flying Saucer at 11 and will be in the booth by 12:30.