Wed update: Best of Memphis voting, eighty3 grab&go, job hunter opportunity, summer in 2100, Beale family fun, self-serve beer vending machines

Sitting here having a Texas Death Match with jQuery this morning. What I learned getting my M.S. in Computer Science is that you have to approach different types of issues differently. Sometimes you have to take a bottom-up approach. Other times, a top-down approach works best. A great example of a top-down approach producing excellent results is tube tops.

Hey, the official month may be over but I can still talk about them from time to time.

Voting for the Memphis Flyer’s Best of Memphis 2014 poll has begun. Vote here. This poll is the real deal, and you can only vote once, unlike the Commercial Appeal’s “Memphis Most” poll which is utter bullshit. (Well, I guess nobody from the CA will be voting this for “Best Blog”)

The other day I mentioned that eighty3 had a grab & go. It’s for breakfast 6:30-10:30 and here’s the menu.

Are you looking for a job? Volunteer Odyssey has a fantastic offer for five job seekers thanks to a $10,000 grant. No, the offer isn’t a job itself. It’s the chance to volunteer for seven different nonprofits in a week and blog about your experiences. It’s a good way to show potential employeers your writing and people skills, and that you make the most of your time not working. You have until Friday to apply.

From Mashable: Summer in 2100 in Memphis will be as hot as summer now in Laredo, Texas (average high 100F).

WREG has a good article on fun for families on Beale Street during the daytime.

Someone show this to AutoZone Park management: Self-serve beer vending machines are coming to ball parks

I’m going to treat myself to a BBQ lunch, fight with jQuery some more, then head to Jessica’s bar at the Silly Goose at 5:30. I still have some leftover gift certificates I won at poker, so maybe I’ll bring them and buy some friends dranks.