Fri update: Front Street Chicken District, Grifters concert, Harry Potter, Owen’s Flight, Just Peachy, Silly Goose cola, Memphis women are heaviest drinkers, Raw tickets on sale tomorrow

This is what you missed if you weren't at the Silly Goose yesterday for happy hour.
This is what you missed if you weren’t at the Silly Goose yesterday for happy hour.

Yesterday afternoon, the Old Dominick distillery was being discussed on Twitter. It will be on Front Street near Gus’s, and it was suggested that the area be named the Front Street Chicken District. That would be awesome. Let’s make this happen. #FrontStreetChickenDistrict

The Grifters play this week’s free concert in Handy Park. Tonight, 6:30 PM.

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, the second movie in the Harry Potter series, will be shown at the Orpheum at 7 tonight. Doors open at 6, and you can come early for drink specials and movie-themed activities. Tip: If you show your ticket at BB King’s club, they’ll give you a free appetizer with the purchase of two entrees.

A special this week at the Flying Saucer is “Owen’s Flight,” a manager’s pick of three high-gravity and two low-gravity beers. Owen used to bartend the other Saucer out in Cordova and he knows a lot about beers, so I bet he’d pick some good ones for you.

Just Peachy is the theme for the Memphis Farmers Market tomorrow. Peaches are in season, and they freeze well, so you can buy a case and have them year ’round. Saturday is National Dance Day and New Ballet Ensemble & School alum and NYU graduate Frankie Fernandez will be teaching the “easy” dance at 10:15. Music by South Side Supper Club at 7, Kris Acklen at 8:30 and Steven Schad at 11. 7 AM-1 PM, Front at G.E. Patterson. Also don’t forget that the MFM’s Rock ‘n WIld Picnic is tomorrow evening at the pavilion. Buy tickets here.

From Vine: Video of Silly Goose house cola being made. That’s right, they use house-made cola for their hand-crafted mixed drinks.

From the CA: Memphis women are the heaviest female drinkers in America. I can think of a few Downtowners who resemble that remark.

Prince Mongo’s episode of American Pickers will be on the History Channel next Wednesday at 8 PM.

Tickets to the September 22 WWE Monday Night Raw, which will be live from Memphis, go on sale at the FedExForum tomorrow at 10 AM.

Plans for tonight: I’m still on call for work. I’ll be out, but I need to stay in locations where I can get home quickly to post tournament results as they come in. Therefore, I won’t be able to attend South Main Trolley Night or a party I’ve been invited to in that area – I’d really like to, but it would take me 30+ minutes to get home and that’s too long. So I’ll remain close to home – probably Bardog, which is right around the corner.

I will still be at Bardog brunch tomorrow at 11 AM. Panda is out of town, not sure who will be filling in for her.

Time to get a few things done then it’s the weekend. Outta here!