Second Friday update

More news. Let’s do this…

The Memphis Business Journal has a good story about SynapsePay, the mobile payment system that was created by a local startup. Businesses Downtown that accept payment via SynapsePay include Central BBQ, Aldo’s Pizza Pies, Tamp & Tap, The Mad Earl, Oshi Burger Bar, and Local. The advantage of accepting SynapsePay is that businesses only incur a 10 to 25 cent fee, as opposed a fee of a couple percent of the transaction. On a $100 transaction that’s a big difference.

Kooky Canuck Cordova has officially opened. If you live out that way, go by and get Kooky this weekend! I saw people from Twitter asking for one south of the border (TN-MS border that is). Considering I work in Horn Lake, I would like to second that motion.

In tech news: Facebook is giving you more control over your News Feed. Much needed! I pull up Facebook and see that my friends Dennis and Karen had dessert at the Blind Bear 23 hours ago. Know when that information would have been useful? 22 hours and 50 minutes ago! Not now! The article says you will have “show me more of this type of post” and “show me less of this type of post” options, which sounds really good.

Memphis Magazine has a good post about brunch at Belle Bistro. The bistro is on Union in the old Rio Loco space.

River Rat Rounders bar poker club will give away seats to Deal Cancer Out to the winners of its poker tournaments next week, including the 10 PM and midnight games at the Mad Earl. Deal Cancer Out is a charity poker tournament at Dan McGuinness on the 22nd. Normal entrance fee if you haven’t won a seat is $35, $45 at the door.

Weekend! Time for beer. Outta here.