Wednesday update 2

Enough news for a second post today. Let’s do this…

Beale Street said goodbye to B.B. King today.

A naked man was found swimming in the Mississippi today. He refused several life preservers and made it several hours and 7 miles before he was finally pulled out.

Memphis Tigers football will be on national TV at least 3 times this fall and very likely 4. That’s what a good season will do for you.

The I-55 bridge across the Mississippi is scheduled to close for 9 months. Won’t happen until 2017 though.

Robocallers and text-message spammers may soon be a thing of the past. The FCC votes next month to strengthen the rules against these nuisances.

High schoolers: The Orpheum is accepting applications for its STAR (Students Take A Role) Council. Council members help plan and coordinate events throughout the year. This would look great on a college application, especially if you’re planning on being a theater major.

Work is over for the day. PBR time.