New record: Yoga (not including yoga pants) mentioned in 3 consecutive posts

When I left you yesterday, I was trying to decide whether to hit Italian Fest out east or do South Main Green Bus Night. Thinking it over in the afternoon, I decided Uber fare + admission to the park + tipping in the booths I visited would make Italian Fest more expensive than it was worth. So, Green Bus Night won. I got out about 6:10 – late start for me – and headed south down the Main Street Mall. I hurried to make up for time, although something caught my eye at City Market momentarily and I nearly went in.

I caught up with my friends Gary, Boo, Mike, and Bad Shane on the south side (thanks Bad Shane for the sangria) and they said, “Want to come to the yoga studio with us?” I asked, “what yoga studio?” and they said “come see.” There’s a new yoga place called Downtown Yoga at 515 S. Main. I picked up a couple of flyers and took photos (click for larger-sized images; it’s not easy to take good pictures of flyers with this super-thin iPhone 6).



Here’s a link to the studio’s website.

Today is Amtrak Train Day at the Memphis Railroad and Trolley Museum at Central Station. Trains, a vintage cab bus, and a fire truck will be on display. There will be food by Double J and live music. Free food? Too bad the Nuh-Uh Girl had to leave town the day after BBQ Fest.

The Peabody announced the second half of its Thursday night rooftop party lineup this week. Here it is:

June 18: The DMP Band
June 25: Transit
July 2: The 17th Floor
July 9: Star & Micey with Tyrannosaurus Chicken
July 16: The 5th Kind
July 23: Your Girlfriend
July 30: The Dantones
August 6: The M80s
August 13: Ingram Hill

I saw a tweet from the Memphis Tin Roof that they have Nashville hot chicken on the menu. I have always wanted to try that. I sampled it at a Yazoo beer dinner at Flying Saucer a couple of years ago and liked what I ate.

Kevin and Bethany Page are giving up their gig at Alfred’s that they have had for years and years and years.

There will be fireworks after tonight’s Redbirds game vs. Salt Lake. First pitch 6:05.

100 N. Main could lose utilities if it does not pay at least part of the money it owes MLGW by the end of the month.

All right. Time to hit the Farmers Market. Knowing that there’s a yoga class at the brewery that will let out about 11, and a lot of those people are potential Farmers Market customers, I may push my stay at the market past what would normally be the start of Panda Time at Bardog. Panda Time will happen, although it could be as late as 1:30. Saturday!