Front Street goes pink and more Sunday news

If you didn’t know there was a color run Downtown yesterday, and you parked on Front Street, you are going to have a rude awakening the next time you see your car.


Credit to Lana Danko from Kooky Canuck for the photo. Get by Kooky for some great Canadian food and drinks. The Yonge St. Burger and the poutine are two of my favorites.

Last day for Brewery Revival. I’ve been there every day this week. Ah, the drunk conversations there are the best. Here are a couple of samples from yesterday:

We were discussing the free yoga class that happened earlier in the day, and the conversation turned to this: “Out in San Francisco they have classes to teach women how to have an orgasm. For women who have never had one. Men don’t need classes, they know how.”

Looking at the beer selection: “Do you know what Memphis Made product they carry?” “No, but I know what Milwaukee Made product they carry, and it’s PBR.”

Congratulations to Sepp Blatter on being re-elected as FIFA’s president. The election kind of reminds me of the 1957 Apalachin Meeting where Don Vito was confirmed as the head of the Genovese crime family.

The groups for the Women’s World Cup have been announced. USA is in group D along with Australia, Sweden, and Nigeria. I’m not the world’s biggest soccer fan but I will be watching this. Abby Wambach is a legend in her own time. If you were too young to see Michael Jordan play basketball or Muhammad Ali box, watch Abby.

The Redbirds play Salt Lake at 1:35 at AutoZone Park. There’s a special Sunglass Sunday ticket available that gets you a pair of Cardinals sunglasses as well as a seat. First 2500 kids 12 and under get a free ice cream treat, and kids can run the bases after the game.

Historian Jimmy Ogle is conducting one of his free tours this afternoon at 2, walking from Martyrs Park to Ashburn-Coppock Park. Martyrs Park is beautiful and is one of the hidden gems of Downtown. Go down FOUR-LANE (!!!!!! :mrgreen: ) Riverside Drive and turn right on Virginia Ave. right before Riverside turns into I-55 to get there.

If you want to avoid me at all costs, these are the places you don’t want to be today, and the approximate times you don’t want to be there, because if you are there you’ll have to run from me and hide from me and badly hurt my feelings for doing so: Brunch with Bloom at Bardog at 11, D-RANKS with B-RAD at Blind Bear at 1, Brewery Revival at some point after that.

At the Bear I will probably get to have drinks with my groupie, who is a large Indian man who puts fruit in his drinks. Where did my life go wrong?