A visit to Memphis Made taproom

Last night my happy hour buddy Rodger and I decided to hop in a Lyft and ride to Cooper-Young and visit our favorite pair of librarian glasses at the Memphis Made taproom.

2015-09-11 22.28.21

2015-09-11 19.38.24

Memphis Made is a craft brewery operated by Andy Ashby and Drew Barton at the corner of South Cooper and York in the Cooper-Young neighborhood. They have been open about two years, and a year ago they opened a taproom so that people could have a chance to socialize while enjoying their beer. Last night was my first visit.

2015-09-11 22.28.49

The taproom’s hours. Taproom manager Katie told me that starting in October, they will be open Sunday 1 to 6 as well.

By the way, Katie was kind enough to give Rodger and me a tour of the brewery. We got to see the equipment where the beer is made. Interesting fact: It takes a lot longer to make lager than it does ale, which is why Memphis Made, a small business still very much in the startup phase, is making all ales for now. The menu changes but let’s have a look at last night’s choices:

2015-09-11 19.42.25

Lucid Kolsch is the constant and the other beers are seasonal. I am a big fan of Kolsch so I ordered the constant. Memphis Made also makes specialty beers in limited supply for events they support around town.

Let’s have a look at the place, shall we? Rodger and I got there about 7:30 and the place was so busy that they needed three bartenders. Some of the photos I took were taken a little after 9 as they were closing down, so if the place looks empty, please don’t get the impression that people don’t go there. Believe me, there were a LOT of people!

2015-09-11 19.44.38

2015-09-11 21.23.13

2015-09-11 21.23.51

2015-09-11 21.24.50

2015-09-11 19.41.23

2015-09-11 20.32.15

Actually none of the people in this photo are Memphis made. Little Rock, Georgia, and Texas made I believe. One of the people in this photo hasn’t had a haircut since February 26 and really needs to do something about that soon.

2015-09-11 21.24.27

The taproom entrance is a ramp directly across from the I Love Memphis sign on South Cooper Street.

2015-09-11 21.23.04

The taproom has a variety of Memphis Made merchandise for sale…

2015-09-11 21.32.26

… no matter what your age. The taproom is family friendly.

2015-09-11 21.25.29

Memphis Made itself doesn’t serve food, but food trucks park outside.

2015-09-11 22.14.30

Last night Sushi Jimmi was the food truck. This is the Los Angeles roll.

2015-09-11 21.56.23

You can rent the taproom out for the night. Folks, this would be a GREAT place to throw a holiday party. The season will be here soon. Email taproom@memphismadebrewing.com to inquire about booking.

2015-09-11 22.29.06

Next Saturday is Cooper-Young Fest, a gigantic block party in the neighborhood that stretches more than half a mile. If you’re looking for something more intimate, the brewery is throwing a party of its own, Cooper-YORK Fest, with live music, food trucks, and of course, BEER. Insider tip: My favorite pair of librarian glasses has strongly recommended the Hot Mess Burritos food truck to me several times.

This was a fun Friday night and it was worth the Lyft ride and the experience getting out of the comfort zone of my “Big Five” bars in the Downtown core and South Main. I will be back soon. Downtowners, if you want to plan any future Friday night field trips to Memphis Made taproom, hit me up; I’m likely in.

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