Disc golf and beer + Tuesday news

CBQ_discPints & Putts is a new disc golf event happening on the patio of the Downtown Central BBQ every Wednesday from 5 to 8 PM. You get $3 local Memphis Made drafts when you present your putter disc, and it is $3 a round to play. Proceeds support Memphis Athletic Ministries. They have some cool-looking Central BBQ discs you can purchase.

Tickets are now on sale for Howl at the Moon, the annual fundraiser for Streetdog Foundation, a wonderful organization that fosters and adopts dogs that otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to find a good home. The event is Saturday, November 7, at The Warehouse on the northeast corner of Front and G.E. Patterson. There will be food, live music, live and silent auctions, and a photo booth. 100% of the money raised goes to the dogs.

It’s been going around social media the past day or two, but in case you haven’t seen it, Thrillist has a list of 50 iconic Memphis foods you must try before you die. There are three on here that I most definitely agree with:

  • #9 – Lobster Pronto Pup at Rizzo’s – one of my favorites since the days when I went to EP Delta Kitchen on Beale
  • #34 – Vodka Pizza Pie at Aldo’s Pizza Pies – yummy alternative to a tomato-based pie
  • #48 Sea Bass at Tsunami – a dish I had back in my Midtown days and early Downtown days when I was more willing to drive out there. Delicious.

Not a Downtown event, but worth mentioning: a festival celebrating breakfast is taking place on Broad Avenue September 26. Wait a minute… this thing has cooking competitions? *Withdraws $4 from Moody Ques bank account, heads to Kroger to pick up some frozen Eggo waffles* Hey guys, I’m not thinking about putting the waffles in the mircowave either… I’m leaning toward a cooking method that will get them… extra well done, shall we say.

(I alluded to the BBQ device I’m not allowed to mention on here anymore :mrgreen: )

Great article on the Halloran Center for Performing Arts and Education in the Daily News this week.

From Gizmodo: How to use your iPhone’s LED flash for notifications. This is very handy and something I have used for several years.

Read this story if you have kids. More and more kids are swallowing hand sanitizer because it’s sweet and it tastes good. Trouble is, hand sanitizer is almost all alcohol and it is making kids very sick.

The Downtown portion of Third Street becomes B.B. King Blvd. tomorrow.

That’ll do it for now. Possibly another post 5:30-6:00ish today.