Sat update: Weather, Burger Fest news and more

If you’re heading out to Cooper-Young Fest, has said that one of the forecast models indicates showers passing through between 1-3 PM. However, it is not thought to be enough of a threat to change your plans.

Best Memphis Burger Fest is two weeks from today, on Saturday, October 3. Worried about having to choose between the festival and college game day? You don’t need to be. Seth Instagrammed this pic of HDTV antennas and ensured potential attendees that they will have your game watching needs covered. Teams including Weekend at Porky’s, Squeal Street, and the 2015 BBQ Fest trophy-winning Moody Ques will compete. As a former judge, I know that part of the burger’s score is based on appearance. No team knows more about decorating than the Moody Ques, so that’s a bonus. The cooks met earlier this week, and I have a $5000 electronic whiteboard being delivered Monday with six different colored electronic markers. I plan to use it to map out load-in for the MQs for Burger Fest.

The “Guardians of the Ribbon – Pink Heals Tour” comes to Beale Street tomorrow from noon to 5. Firemen in pink suits driving pink fire trucks will be on the street to raise awareness and money to fight women’s cancer.

There’s a Game Day Operator position open and ANC Sports. The operator would work Grizzlies games, ensuring that scoreboards and other equipment are all functioning properly for a smooth game day experience. The job description looks like an IT background would be handy.

I probably am going to remain Downtown today and not deal with the madness in Cooper-Young. Not totally opposed to going if the right offer comes along, but most likely the plan will be Panda Time at Bardog, D-RANKS with B-RAD at Blind Bear, and then back to the Bear for a birthday party tonight. It’s a black & white party which means all the girls will be dolled up to the nines and I will have a black T-shirt and white shorts on. Now that I think about it, my flip-flops are black too, so I will be totally staying within the theme. One of the flip-flops has a hole in it. I guess I should buy a new pair soon. Anyway, for now I am outta here, back tomorrow or Monday with more news.