The Moody Ques at MFM@TEN

Yesterday was MFM@TEN, a celebration of ten years of the Memphis Farmers Market. It was held at the historic Tennessee Brewery. There was live music from Star & Micey, and great food from area restaurants… and from my BBQ team the Moody Ques. We had planned to enter three regional cooking competitions this fall, but two of them got cancelled. With extra time and extra pork on our hands, we stepped up and cooked butts and strip steak for the Farmers Market party.

I planned a full photo album, but about two-thirds of the images were ruined by a nasty thumbprint on my camera lens. I still got some good shots though.

2015-09-20 16.39.38

Team vice-president Clay manning the grill

2015-09-20 16.40.16

Our cook Erik had some expert help assembling the skirt steak sliders from Chef Michael Patrick of Rizzo’s Diner.

2015-09-20 16.40.40

Paella by Chef Patrick Reilly of the Majestic Grille

2015-09-20 16.41.17

Skirt steak, fresh off the smoker which still does not have a name.

2015-09-20 16.42.01

Clay and Erik getting the food ready

2015-09-20 16.44.47


2015-09-20 17.43.02

Last memory of the brewery as we knew it

The Moody Ques will take this coming weekend off, then a week from Saturday we will be competing in Best Memphis Burger Fest at Tiger Lane. We’ve done several practice burger cooks and feel well prepared. Perhaps we will have to scoot our 2015 BBQ Fest trophy over in the case to make room for a Burger Fest trophy.

All right, that’ll do it for now. My plan for this evening is Melissa Monday at Bardog, a Blind Bear visit, and maybe a $3 pint or two at the Saucer.