Bartender job open + Tuesday news

BREAKING JOB NEWS: There is a bartender position open at Bardog. This never happens. DM @BardogTavern on Twitter if interested. Aldo is a great boss and many of the staff have been there for the entire 7-year run.

Best Memphis Burger Fest continues to be a main topic of discussion Downtown this week. As I have mentioned previously, my team the Moody Ques is entering the competition for the first time. “You were on Squeal Street the last two years for Burger Fest,” I was asked recently. “Are you going to bring all the secrets you learned on Squeal Street to the Moody Ques?”

Yes. So now the Moody Ques know that Miracle Whip is a burger topping and you can buy beer in 10-ounce cans. Clearly we have an unfair advantage and Seth and Tim should disqualify us.

Here’s the schedule of events for the burger festival. In past years I have taken a cab or hitched a ride out there, arriving about noon. However, since my own real team is competing this year, I have made the offer to fully embrace my role as “Mr. Load-in” and get down there early and help the team set up. We have one of Downtown’s best bartenders competing in Bloody Mary and if he needs someone to consume his product, I would be willing to do that too.

Memphis Made Brewing Co. will start opening its taproom on Sundays beginning this coming Sunday, October 4. The hours will be 1 to 6 PM. Memphis Made is on South Cooper next to the railroad bridge. Read more on Memphis Made’s blog. They are brewing beers that will be exclusive to the taproom.

My friend Rodger who runs several restaurants has two manager positions open. He has one position which is manager of a sports bar who would also assist with a Moe’s Southwest Grill. The other position oversees three Starbucks. Both are in the Memphis area. If interested email me at and I will pass the info on to Rodger.

Direct flights from Memphis to New Orleans will begin in November, on an airline named GLO that is new to the Memphis airport.

Expect heavy crowds in the Downtown core tonight as Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable world tour comes to the FedExForum at 8.

I had the minestrone, which is new to the menu, at the Blind Bear last night, and it is delicious. While I’m on the subject of the Bear I want to compliment Jeannette on the hiring choices she has made in 2015. I jokingly call three of the bartenders FML (Feeny, Mary, Lacey) but the fact is that they have all become good friends of mine. I enjoy knowing each of them and their presence causes me to spend even more time at the bar than I have in years past.

From BroBible: Do you know how dumb you look posting that Facebook privacy hoax?

Interesting fact about me: If you were introduced to me in March 2014, I have gotten a total of two haircuts since you met me. I’m finally doing something about this long mop tonight, with a haircut appointment at Rachel’s after work. I am going to get about 4 inches chopped off – still not short hair, but nowhere near as ridiculously long as it is now. After that I’ll be out for happy hour, at Blind Bear probably. Back to work, where I have a 70-field web form I am building. Fun times.