Downtown Dining Week menus and Tuesday news

Downtown Dining Week menus are up. Click through to the site, then click on the restaurant logo to see the menu. There are still some “to be announced” but quite a few are there. For those who don’t know, the deal is that from November 9 to 15, participating restaurants serve a special menu for the price of $20.15.

If you want to go to a restaurant that takes reservations during DDW, make reservations now.

The Sprock ‘n’ Roll group party bike is expanding its service to include a Downtown route, and the bike will be partnering with the Grizzlies to offer discounted tickets to select home games.

Miss Cordelia’s, the grocery store on Mud Island, is having a fall festival Saturday, November 7 from 11 AM to 3 PM. There will be a cookout, live music, and pop-up shops. The store’s new growler station will be open, and there will be beer tastings. It will be the first week of Miss Cordelia’s new Saturday markets.

Tip for wine lovers: The Blind Bear is changing up the wine it stocks, and is selling bottles that would normally run for about $40 for only $20. There are several different varieties, both red and white.

From what I have heard, the Norah Jones concert at the Orpheum last night was a success. Another big name comes to the theater next month: Mary J. Blige on November 4.

3-time US Disc Golf champion Will Shusterick will present a clinic at this week’s Pints and Putts, tomorrow from 5 to 8 at Central BBQ Downtown. There will be a disc golf putting contest and $3 pints.

Tweeted by @HungryFlyer: Pair beer with Halloween candy

Always fun to look at college football bowl projections. Of course, with over a month left in the season, you have to take them with a grain of salt, but these projections have Memphis playing Arkansas in the Birmingham Bowl December 30. Yikes, I might be put in the rare position of having to root against my Hogs. The same projections have Texas and Tennessee in the Liberty Bowl. Noooooooo! Please don’t crap up my city with a mass influx of Tennessee fans!

You know, sometimes I feel like I need to say this more often: THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends for being a part of my life. I was thinking on the way to work this morning what an awesome day Sunday was. I started off at D-RANKS with B-RAD at the Blind Bear with my new Sunday brunch crew Rahul and Tony. In the early afternoon, my classic brunch crew for the past 10 years/Moody Ques teammates joined me at the bar. Later in the afternoon, current and former Blind Bear and Flying Saucer folks came in and we caught up on happenings in each others’ lives. After B-RAD got off, we went for drinks at the Silly Goose, then some of us continued on to the Flying Saucer. Then it was back to the Bear for co-owner Jeannette’s birthday. Super, super day.

Then I had another fun day with friends last night. I led off at the Blind Bear, where my friends Rodger and Mary were pre-gaming for Norah Jones. Mary and I were trying to remember whether we went to the Saucer Sunday night, and who came with us. Jeannette had the evening bar shift and she told me they are starting Moonshine Mondays at the Bear, with $3 moonshine shots and $6 moonshine cocktails from 7 to 11 PM. Around 9 my friend Duck texted me that he was back in town and at the Silly Goose, so I went over there and had a great time chatting with him. “Do you know you have a 2 year old bar tab at the Blind Bear?” I asked him. I walked back over with Duck and he paid it, also paying a bar tab our friend Buddha had left there. I took a photo of him with both tabs, “Paid” written on them.

Conversation I overheard sometime in the past 7 days:

“Do you know who Richard Simmons is?”

“Is he the the lead singer of KISS?”

“Yeah, that’s him. He’s a good friend of mine…”


Possibly a second post this evening, so check back. Not sure where I will lead off tonight, but I will be out somewhere.