Friday update

A couple of weeks ago during the heavy rain, there was a mudslide on the bluff at Riverside Drive, de-stablizing the river walk above. City engineers hope to stabilize and re-open the bluff walk by Memphis in May.

Speaking of Memphis in May, the official 2016 BBQ Fest poster is now on sale.

There’s a USA Soccer Watch Party tonight at the Brass Door, with two matches that have huge implications for the USA men’s team. At 5 is the first leg of the qualifying playoff for the Olympics, with the U-23s playing Colombia. At 9:00 the USA first team takes on Guatemala in the semifinal of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.

The Grizzlies are hosting an Assists for St. Jude donation drive. You can pledge to donate 10 cents, 50 cents, a dollar, or whatever amount you prefer for each assist the Grizzlies record between now and April 5. Point guard Mike Conley led off the drive with a pledge of $15 to donate per assist.

Stanford will hire UAB’s Jerod Hasse as men’s basketball head coach. Why do Memphians care about this? Because Grizzlies commentator and former player Brevin Knight was under consideration for the job. I enjoy Brevin’s commentary and am pleased we will get to hear more of it. If head coaching is his dream job, though, I hope he gets the chance one day.

Here’s a video of a car falling 4 stories off a parking garage. Something similar happened Downtown several years ago, in the garage cat-a-corner to the Flying Saucer at Second and Peabody Place.

Check out the Peabody Hotel’s celebrity visitor photo album.

My group of friends were discussing this last night: Women would destroy Trump in a general election.

Office closes at 3 today, so I will lead off at Silly Goose at 4. Last night I enjoyed the Goose more than I have in a long while and I expect that trend to continue today. Might have to make a run over to the Brass Door, though, to practice newly-acquired language skills. At 6 I will head south for South Main Trolley Night. I still intend to have that drink at Nate’s bar too. Happy Good Friday everyone.