Wed update #2

Got my car tags renewed this morning! Waiting until the second to the last day of the month may have seemed like a stupid idea and a sentence to spend hours and hours in line, but I have a secret weapon… the little-known clerk’s office at the northwest corner of Second and Washington. I go there, turn right once inside (turn left to renew a driver’s license), and am usually out in a matter of minutes.

Here’s a secret. The office opens at 8:00. If you go at 8:00, there will be a line (although not a horribly long one) and you will be out by 8:30. If you go at 8:25, there will be no line and you will also be out by 8:30. So go at 8:25. The clerk who renewed my tags told me, “You did the right thing coming when you did, it’s about to get crunk up in here later today” so I can’t promise the lines will be short in the afternoons.

(And yeah, I know I could have done it online, but I forgot until this week. I don’t want to be driving around with apparently-expired tags, even if I have a printout showing I’m legal.)

Facebook is altering its News Feed again to focus more on posts by friends and family and less on material by publishers (i.e. business Fan Pages). As a blogger, that is NOT a good thing for me. I need to see those posts. I guess I will have to turn on Get Notifications for a bunch of Downtown businesses, but damn, that’s going to blow up my phone.

Years ago, I was introduced to the wonders of spaghetti squash, a healthy substitute for traditional pasta. The Church Health Center’s cooking blog, Stalking Celery, has a spaghetti squash and black bean skillet with tomatoes and avocado. It’s a nutritious and filling dish. If I have any regular readers who are vegetarians, this could be a dish to consider making.

For the Win, USA TODAY’s sports blog, tried those new Mac & Cheetos at Burger King. Verdict: Not good.

Loflin Yard has announced its music lineup for this weekend. Paul “Snowflake” Taylor kicks it off on Thursday 6-9 PM. Chris Milam plays 6-9 Friday, then Bronwyne Brent 4-7 Saturday and Tennessee Ripple 4-7 Sunday.

If any foodies feel like traveling a bit, Nashville’s Hot Chicken Festival happens July 4. Lots of hot chicken vendors, Yazoo beer, first 500 in the gate sample hot chicken for free.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to read my morning update if you haven’t already. Lots of news in there. I’ll be at Silly Goose for happy hour, rest of the evening TBD.