Friday update

Sometimes there are advantages to commuting to Horn Lake, Mississippi for work. Horn Lake has something almost no other part of the Memphis metro has, including Downtown… a Hardee’s. A Hardee’s that serves breakfast. This morning I was checking out their online menu, and they have what they call a Monster Biscuit. From the bottom up, it’s ham, a slice of cheese, sausage, another slice of cheese, an egg, and bacon on a biscuit. Cardiologists probably don’t recommend this breakfast sandwich, but I do!

Longtime Downtowners will remember the “Tribute to Bill Saba” at now-closed Elliott’s restaurant. It was sausage, bacon, country ham, an egg, and cheese on heavily-buttered Texas toast. I used to get the Saba all the time when I worked in the Falls Building. The Monster Biscuit at Hardee’s is the closest approximation I have seen since.

By the way, if you’re curious, the Monster Biscuit has 730 calories and 49 grams of fat.

Next Thursday, July 7, the Redbirds are bringing back All You Can Eat night. With a special ticket ($19 field box, $22 dugout) you get an all-you-can-eat buffet. This time around the buffet will be… RIBS! Sounds like a good one,

I don’t know if I have any vegetarians who read this blog every day, but if I do, you’re probably not enjoying this post much so far.

Tori Tollison plays the outdoor deck at The Dirty Crow Inn tomorrow night, Saturday, July 2, from 9 PM to midnight.

Best Memphis Burger Fest is still seeking qualified judges for this year’s competition on Sunday, August 28. Must have cooking, food preparation, or food judging experience. MBN judging experience is acceptable, but KCBS and WFC certifications preferred. With Burger Fest possibly producing as many as three automatic bids to the World Food Championship, it is time to step up the judging game. The Fabulous Burger Boys have already made it to compete in the WFC. Maybe it’s time for another Downtown burger team (Moody Ques, Weekend at Porky’s, Flyer team, Squeal Street, Bardog team) to make the trek this year.

Don’t forget that today is Canada Day at Kooky Canuck with food and drink specials. Here are 11 days to spot a fake Canadian, courtesy of Canada’s National Post.

There’s a new locally sourced and produced probiotic drink called Memfizz that is now available in Downtown and Midtown stores.

R. Kelly tickets are now on sale for his September 17 FedExForum show.

Feed the hungry, get a beer: The Wiseacre taproom will have special noon to 8 PM hours on July 4, with Big Barton playing and the RAWK’n Grub food truck selling. Bring three canned goods to donate to the Mid-South Food Bank and get a 7 oz. beer.

Donald Trump may have used money people donated to his charity to buy himself a football helmet signed by Tim Tebow for $12,000. That’s unethical and illegal.

ESPN has a quiz where you can find the ideal city for you to go in free agency. I got the Miami Heat because they’re the ultimate work-hard, play-hard franchise.

Office closes at 3, so it will soon be PBR and Fireball time. Happy weekend everyone!