Thursday morning update

Last night I had a great late-night snacking idea that I thought I would pass on. Monday night on the way home, I got a tub of Pancho’s white cheese dip and a bag of Tostitos Scoops. I ate about half of the cheese dip then put the other half in the fridge. Tuesday night I had something else for dinner, then last night I thought, “I don’t have to stop by City Market tonight. I have the leftover cheese dip and chips to eat.”

However, I went back to City Market anyway.

In order to make my snacking more interesting, I bought a red bell pepper and a fresh jalapeno. I cut them into slices and dipped them in the white cheese dip, in addition to the chips. Yum!

A while back The Brass Door had curry night, where you got a bowl of spicy curry along with rice for $10. Yesterday I got an email from Diamond Dave that they’re bringing it back. He is not sure with what frequency it will happen, but it will be back tonight, Thursday, October 27 for sure. Dave cooks the curry in a pressure cooker and (don’t hold me to this) I seem to remember there being two types of curry.

Lawdy Mama’s Blues for the Cure comes to Handy Park tomorrow evening, Friday, October 28 from 6 to 9 PM. Live entertainment by Barbara Blue Band, along with special guest Memphis Women of the Blues who will be throwing a Blues Party to welcome Saturday’s Race for the Cure to Downtown Memphis. Tomorrow is also the day of Chalking in Memphis where you can write the name of a survivor or the name of a loved one lost to breast cancer on Beale. Help Beale Street go Pink!

Look for light shows on the river starting this Friday! Every Friday at 8 Big River Crossing will host light shows on the Harahan Bridge to commemorate holidays and entertain Memphians and Arkansans.

Don’t worry, Justin Timberlake fans: JT will not be going to jail for the election booth selfie he took. Taking photos in the polling area is illegal and punishable by a 30-day jail sentence and a $50 fine. However, Shelby County DA Amy Weirich’s office has said the incident is not under investigation, nor do they plan on using their limited resources to start such an investigation. Good deal. I would’ve thrown a napkin at Weirich if she had proceeded with such a frivolous court matter.

Dedric Lawson has come in at number 38 among NBC Sports’ top 100 college basketball players for this season.

Movie & Pizza Co. on Harbor Town Square has been bought by the owners of Pizza Pro across the river in Marion. The menu will be updated to use fresh crust rather than frozen, and the restaurant will be renamed Bluff City Pizza.

I’ll probably be back later today with a second update, if Farmers Market news for the week hits my mailbox. Off to work for now.