Friday update

I made an unexpected visit to Belle Tavern after work, after seeing that my friends in the South Main crew had parked themselves there after the Liberty Bowl parade. Got a tip for a drink to try that I wanted to pass on to my readers. One of my former students who is from Brazil was at the bar. She advised me to order a caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink, from Chris sometime. She personally taught him how to make it many years ago. I believe Chris is there Wednesday-Saturday and the hours are 4 to 1 those days.

She also advised ordering mixed drinks from Chris in general. “Every time he makes me something different, and it’s always good.”

I got a blast from the past last night, with my friends Stacey and Kelly in town. Way back in the day, they hung out with my friends Shane and Leigh and me at the King’s Palace tap room. Fun times.

Daisyland presents New Year’s Eve Blackout at the New Daisy 9 PM to 5 AM, with lights out at midnight. It will feature music by Lookas, along with Tree, Dude Called Rob, Nyce Lyfe and Scotty-B. Up on the second floor in the Future-Everything Room, there will be music by WEALTH, Strooly, and MarceauxMarceaux. Several DaisyLUX VIP packages are available.

FedExForum has announced that they will have secured parking available for New Year’s Eve at the Toyota Garage for $10 a space. The garage will open at 4 PM and will stay open until 2 AM.

Cerrito Bingo has announced a new location: Starting Sunday, January 8 at 5 PM, there will be bingo every Sunday at Loflin Yard. No RSVP is needed, it is free to play, and you will have the chance to win prizes. See for more info.

Operation Restart is the final recipient of Beale Gives Back, donations from a pool of money generated by unredeemed Beale Bucks. The organization, which will receive $5000, is a collaboration between several agencies to help teens work during the summer, earn and manage money, and help fight blight in Memphis.

Lifehacker has good advice from bartenders on how to stock your home bar.

High Cotton is trying something different with their taproom, hosting a free metal show on Saturday, January 7. Epoch of Unlight, Whiskey for Destruction, and Hellthrasher will perform. It is an 18+ show. The hours are 8 to 11 PM. That’s relatively early by Memphis metal standards, but it will allow those who maintain a grandma-type bedtime schedule to catch the show without having to stay out until the crack of dawn.

That’s all for now. Back tomorrow with more news.