Silly Goose’s new patio

Yesterday I led off at Bardog, then headed to “my home away from home on the south side,” Max’s Sports Bar, to watch the second half of Notre Dame vs. good ole West Virginny. My intention was to stay at Max’s all day, but I saw a Facebook post that my canine friends Jubi and Dutch were on the Silly Goose patio with their owners. The Goose recently renovated the patio and I walked up there to take a look.

They installed a rail facing the street, wide enough to hold a drink. There are approximately 16 chairs looking out onto the street. The setup reminds me a little of the Saucer’s garage windows with chairs looking out, except this is an actual patio. I like this a lot. I often go places by myself, and rarely went on the Goose patio because it was set up for groups. Now it’s a place individuals and groups can both enjoy.

The new patio is dog-friendly!

My friend Chicken Fried Steak Rodger had his mastiff Jubi on the Goose patio. Jubi and my troll Perjorie became friends and wanted a photo.

Later in the day Jubi took a nap in the sun while Dutch prowled the patio and begged for food. Someone’s gotta do it now that the Nuh-Uh Girl no longer lives in Memphis!

It’s going to be a beautiful day, so if you want to be outside, give the Goose patio a look. Have Dusty make you a Bloody Mary and give the pho-rrito a try.

My bracket is holding up well, currently second in my 20-person league with 32 out of 40 points, and tied for first for number of possible points when it’s all over. I didn’t predict Wisconsin beating Villanova but I only had Nova going to the Elite Eight, so the damage to my bracket was less severe than it was to others. I had Xavier advancing to the Sweet Sixteen and that helped make up for the Villanova mistake.

Today I find myself in the unenviable position of having to root for John Calipari. I have Kentucky in the national championship game, so it would destroy my bracket if they lost. Wichita State is exactly the type of team that could make that happen.

D-RANKS with B-RAD, also known as brunch at the Blind Bear, is first on my agenda today. There’s not enough Fireball in the cooler to prepare me for the massacre that Arkansas vs. North Carolina will be at 5. Back tomorrow with more.