Tuesday update #2

Memphis Redbirds news: Check out the new bird next time you drive down Union Avenue!

A Blues City Tours bus was stolen outside of Tops Bar-B-Q on Union. The bus was left running while the driver went inside to order. Request for whoever stole the bus: Get the damn thing an oil change, and drive it faster than 20 miles an hour. I hate being stuck behind those smutty, slow buses when I’m on my way home from work.

This morning I mentioned that Robert Cray and Hi-Rhythm would perform at Loflin Yard tonight. The Memphis Flyer has an in-depth look at this upcoming show.

Fun Twitter account to follow: TL;DR Wikipedia

For my readers who travel, Amazon has its packing cubes on sale for less than half off right now.

This is my second news update today, so read on if it’s your first visit. Probably I’ll hit the Silly Goose after work then over to Belle Tavern to see South Side Supper Club.